The Nameless Pack by JonBams – M1JordanAllen – MrAmericanMike

For all those that didn’t know I have been, with the help of M1JordanAllen, working on a ModPack for JonBams, as for now the name of the pack is “The Nameless Pack”

It all started when Jon told me he wanted to try my mod “Irish Luck Blocks” so I sugeested him to add some other 1.9 Mods in there to make it more insteresting. And yes all this in 1.9 Minecraft, been this one of the first times it was possible to make ModPacks on the current Vanilla Version.

Today the pack has evolved and its called “The Nameless Pack Evolution Infinity Unloaded” and we currently on Minecraft 1.10.2

Pack is public and can be found here: